Waterproof high electric conductive rubber


PMP-P-100-E Anti-oxidation high electric conductive rubber property:

  • PMP-P-100-E is high electric conductive (resistance <0.004Ohm-cm) and compressive silicone rubber, durometer is adjustable according to requirement, ShoreA 20~85.
  • Ability to endure compression and bounce more than 30 years, and keep great conductivity. Able to retain great conductivity, EMI shielding and waterproof.
  • Able to be molded in 3D shape with tool, low compressive and elastic (keep nice conductivity after elongation)
  • PMP owns excellent technology and equipment for changing macromolecules polymer to meet specific needs and physical characteristics of materials.  Our products can pass long-term, strict REL tests. 


    PMP company regularly check the mass production products, such as biocompatible test, cytotoxicity test, FDA material related tests, medical and environmental regulated substance...etc to make sure they are compliant to international and customer’s requirements.


    Major application:

    3C product waterproof, EMI shielding.