Thermal Conductive Products

PMP has been producing over 50 billion pcs of thermal conductive products since UL been certified in 1987, world market share No.3 .

PMP’s thermal conductive products are all UL qualified (UL File: E153203, E300606, E247153).  Our thermal pads have good heat dissipation ( ~4W), insulation, voltage withstanding performance, and meet RoHS international standards and REL tests.


    PMP Thermal Conductive Products


1. Soft, oil-free, single-sided sticky thermal conductive silicone

Model No.: PMP-P-300US-A6

Characteristics: Soft, oil-free and sticky on one side.  It is high shock absorbing and able to fill gaps perfectly.  Thermal conductivity is 1~5W/mK, able to be adjusted if needed.

Application: Widely used in semiconductor between PCB,  mother board, frame and thermal pad.  It also can be used in TV box, power supplier, console, TV monitor.




2. Thermal Conductive, Flame-Retardant, Heat-Resistant Adhesive

Model No.: PMP-P-1200 Series

Characteristic: High thermal conductivity and wide temperature range (-40 C~ 200 C),

UL94V0, stable adhesive strength, vibration-isolated.

Application: Adhesion and thermal conduction for heat generating chip in

LED, TFT, power supplier, fan and audio.



3. Thermal Conductive Silicone

Model No.: PMP-P-100 Series

Characteristics: High breakdown voltage, thermal conductive and insulation.

Application: PMP-P-100 could be cut in different shapes.  It is used in power transistor

(EX: T0-220, TO-3P) for the high breakdown voltage and thermal conductive application.


4. Ultra-Soft Thermal Conductive Silicone

Model No.: PMP-P-300 Series

Characteristics: High thermal conductivity, excellent shock absorbing performance and gap

filling capacity.

Application: It is used in semiconductors between PCB, transistor, frame and heat sink.  P-300

is used in TFT, power supplier, console and TV monitor.

PMP thermal conductive silicone is made with our own formula. 

Even after long-term use, it will not be that oily.  Our thermal silicone product occupies the market

share for over 30%.


*According to the customer's application, PMP can adjust the oil-free material.


5. Thermal Conductive Silicone and Fiberglass 


Model No.: PMP-P-400 Series

Characteristics: Material that complies with UL94 V-0 flammability and high breakdown voltage.

Application: Used in power transistor (Ex: TO-220, TO-3P) for the high breakdown voltage, high tensile strength, and thermal conductive application. 



6. High Thermal Conductive, High Tear Strength Kapton and Thermal Conductive Silicone Rubber

Model No.: PMP-P-500A Series

Characteristics: Using Kapton MT high thermal conductive material has the advantages of high

thermal conductive silicone, such as high thermal conductivity, thin, high-temperature

tolerance and high tensile strength.  It is not easy to be deformed when screwing it.

Application: Used in high-end power supplier, power transistor.  Kapton material cost is higher.  



7Thermal Conductive Double Sided Adhesive Tape (vertical bonding)

Model No.: PMP-P-1100 Series

Characteristics: Endure high temperature fiberglass base.  Long-term usage temperature

is 150 C.  Excellent adhesion (2.0kgf/25.4mm).

Application: Applying for bonding the heat generator component and heat sink in a vertical application.   


8.Thermal Grease

Model No.: PMP-P-2005 Series

Characteristics: Liquid silicone base, endures high temperature, and climate changes.

It is qualified by UL for flammability.

Application: Applied as an effective thermal coupler between heat sources and heat sink to improve thermal conductivity.  

    PMP  UL Certificates and Tests


PMP can examine  products regularly to see if they meet UL standard