Wearable products with skin contact 


The characteristics of the surface treatment and application with skin contact of the product:

  • Bio-compatible
  • The surface is in contact with the skin, and the friction coefficient has to be μ<0.4.
  • No grease leaking after long-term use.
  • The surface is anti-dust and anti-fiber and can be washed.
  • After 240Hr of heat soak testing, the surface of products stays the same.
  • Contacting with artificial perspiration, perfume, cosmetics, and other common personal belongings will not lead to damaging or transferring to the material.
  • No color change after UV resistant test
  • Can be easily cleaned by general cleaners
  • Excellent pore filling effect
  • Anti-mildew and antibacterial
  • Comply with ROHS, REACH regulations
  • The biocompatible products will be sent back to PMP Taipei Materials Laboratory for regular sampling to meet relevant international material requirements every week.

    The explanation of no oil leakage for long-term used wearable products:

    Because the platinum catalyst cross-linking reaction of silicone rubber reacted completely and the full saturated bonding, the product will be no oil leakage. 


     LSR E

    The explanation of dissimilar material bonding products without delamination:

    The rubber bonding with dissimilar material such as plastic or metal and other materials, with cross-linking reaction, causing a strong bonding between both of the material, so there will be no delamination.

    The by-product of the cross-linking reaction process is H2O, which will be vaporized into the air, which is an ECO-friendly process.

     primer2 E

    E.g.  LSR dissimilar boning with plastic parts: The OH group is generated by silane, which can cause a cross-linking reaction, so the products won’t have delamination issue and the by-product H2O will be vaporized into the air.

    To avoid non-ECO-friendly processes, the processes can be applied as follow:

    (Traditional spray coating process will cause public security concerns for flammable solvent)

    Oxidation surface treatment on wearable products (ECO-friendly)

    Silicone Oxidation Treatment: produce SiO2 and H2O (ECO-friendly Process)

    oxidation 1 E

    Nano Coating (ECO-friendly)

     parylene E

    Fluoro-silicone Resin Coating on wearable products(ECO-friendly)

    N970-9 fluoro-silicone resin coating reaction by-product H2O (ECO process)

     F coating2 E

    The highest technique in chemical engineering is to make the products without bringing damage to the earth.

    The biocompatible products will be sent back to PMP Taipei Materials Laboratory for regular sampling to meet relevant international material requirements every week.