Developing new material and automatic production


In 2012, PMP established automation department for automatic production, tool, fixture, and machine fabrication.  By optimizing the production process we are able to improve yield and output, hence increase the competitiveness of the precise functional material market.





PMP can design and produce precise components for automatic production



2018 CNC 3




   Precise processing equipment features description 



Precise EDM Machine: With high rough machining speed and ultra-mirror surface processing, it can provide the tool with a flawless and smooth surface. The electrode is not easy to wear, and are able to reduce the number of electrodes fabrication, suitable for producing small and precise parts.


Precise CNC Milling Machine: High-speed spindle, well micro-diameter cutting force, mismatch of different tool plate processing can reach below 0.02 mm, long-term position error is below 1um.



    The purpose of PMP owning abundant of precise tooling machining equipment:


In the development and production stage, PMP can make the products more profound and precisely based on the original design from ID.