Business Philosophy :


                 專 業 服 務 團 隊


技 術 設 備 世 界 一 流


客 戶 遍 佈 全 世 界


研 發 創 新 效 率 領 先


產 品 物 美 價 廉


全 球 環 保 綠 化 廠 房

             Professional Service Team


             Advanced Technology and Equipment


             Extend Customer all over the World


             Leading in Development and Innovation


             Best Quality with Competitive Pricing


             Clean Green & Modern Factory all over the World

 2018 home 2

2019 factory 1 

PMP group provides various and diversified products, and obtains customers all over the world. To avoid business relationship confusion and dispute, and to ensure you are contacting the right window of employee from PMP or it’s affiliate, please email to the mailbox below, we will reply shortly.